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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hitting the Sweet Spots; At Least the Ones With Strong Coffee

Brevity has to be the equivalent of wings for writers with too many words in the air at one time---which is another way of saying that I haven't updated this blog for too long because I can only seem to envision carefully crafted comprehensive posts. Fixating on the ideal, however, isn't helping anyone.

So here come  the shorter, snappier, more frequent blogs:

Like everyone else, I've added another drive-time to the schedule; besides taking children to school and commuting, I'm now also out shopping for the holidays. The thing that makes the experience palatable---in fact, the thing I build the whole experience around---is stopping at the great local bakeries and coffee shops in Greater Litchfield County, Connecticut.

I recently discovered first-hand a new one, La Palette Bakery in the center of Watertown. Gaze at the gorgeous pear and blueberry tarts below, and read our recent story in LCT magazine, and then seek it out.

Another favorite stop is the Bridgewater Village Store in Bridgewater, which has great muffins, scones, breads and other baked goods, in addition to the world-class Bridgewater Chcolates. Read the story on www, and check the photo below.

Just two of many great places; stay tuned for more.


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